The first heating engineering castings made in 1890 in the cast iron foundry that was established in Bohumín in 1888 were radiator sections which until that time had been imported from the United States and in 1920 they were followed by cast iron boiler sections for manufacturing of hot water boilers for central heating. Cast iron has a tradition of high efficiency, reliability, and long service life of boilers and radiators made by VIADRUS.

The current production range that contains OEM cast iron boiler sections, boiler drums and exchangers includes also other medium and large series commercial castings according to the customer’s documentation made of cast iron grade EN-GJL-150 a EN-GJL-200. These heating engineering castings and large series castings are produced by the cast iron foundry – you can send your inquires to email address
Small production series of custom castings are produced in the steel and non-ferrous metals foundry (see below). The VIADRUS plant that has also its own pattern shop and a designing office is able to offer custom-tailored production of castings made of cast iron in a weight range of 5-300 kg/piece

Small series and single castings made of cast iron as well as of special steel (heat resistant, abrasion resistant, non-magnetic steel…) or made of non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, aluminum,…) can be made according to your drawings and specifications in our steel and non-ferrous metals foundry:


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